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Welcome To Power Mentor Directing Academy

“My three-week Power Mentor Directing course is designed to master the complex skills of becoming a Director of all media in the shortest period of time for a fraction of the cost it typically requires to acquire this type of education.

Considering that I have directed, taught and lectured in Europe, France, Switzerland, Germany, England and Turkey as well as Russia, Japan and China I welcome international students interested in working and learning directing and acting from world renowned professional Hollywood Film Makers.

Three student films will be selected to receive cash prizes totaling $8,000, and students have an opportunity to be introduced to accomplished filmmakers in Hollywood.

Students will also learn from creative film makers who made films such as Independence Day, DareDevil, The Patriot, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Secretariat, Water for Elephants and many others.

"In my early career, I learned the trade from legendary directors, I worked as an intern to Alfred Hitchcock on 'Rear Window," and Billy Wilder on 'Some Like It Hot’

Here's What You Can Expect

1. Learn to direct for Stage, Television and Motion Picture.

2. Each student writes, produces, directs, auditions, and casts actors; edits their own short film; then screens it and engages in constructive discussion and critique. Students are challenged to make creative decisions that contribute in some way, great or small, to the drama of their films. Mr. Winther encourages students to explore the various ways of expressing an idea or a thought through moving images. The students' short films will be competitive, and the winning film receives $5000, The second-place film receives $2000, and the third-place film receives $1000.

3. The course includes the Acting Workshop because you can’t direct unless you know how to work with actors. The class incorporates various acting techniques including Stanislavski's System, Stella Adler Technique and Strasberg & The Method, as well as the skills learned in The Meisner Technique class. It will teach you confidence, motivation, passion, persistency and how to cope with pressure and stress.

4. Learn to shoot in low light levels with small crews allowing for a new intimacy working with actors in dramatic projects.

5. Producing and funding

6. Getting work, and how to get a manager and agent

7. Industry Lectures include editing (music, sound, color correction) and marketing.

8. At the conclusion of all filmmaking workshops, a screening of the students' final films is held in each of our film and acting schools, providing a unique opportunity for family and friends to see the work students have produced, Students films will be competing and the winner will be introduced to film makers in Los Angeles. Theseproducers will be identified if you are selected to the class.

9. Students retain a copy of their film to include in their portfolios and place on the Internet, a graded certificate and a recommnedation from Mr.Winther.

10. The classes are fun and bonding. They will light your fire and lift up your heart.



"Few producers are able to handle double or triple duties and some of the best work I have seen comes from these single-vision, multi-talented producers. Jorn Winther is one of these creative producers who also have the gift of directing and writing."

-Bob Shanks, Programming Vice-President ABC Network Entertainment
(From his book "The Cool Fire")

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